Photo of Rebecca.
Photo of Rebecca at Greenwich boardwalk on PEI.

HEY, I’m Rebecca…

and I’m from Prince Edward Island, the smallest province in Canada. Currently i’m living in Toronto, Ontario with my husband and our 100 lb Goldendoodle, Cooper. My resume would tell you that I am a lawyer, but my true passion lies in the world of health and wellness.

I’ve always been a major “foodie”, but I really started paying attention to what I was putting in my body when I moved out of my parents house to go to law school – it was there where I discovered my passion for health and wellness .

Ongoing hormonal issues (more on my story in an upcoming post) came to an all time low during that time and caused me to search for answers. I delved deep into the world of health and wellness and taught myself all about natural products, holistic approaches, and the power of plants & whole foods. Early on in my deep dive into trying to solve my own health issues I adopted a vegan diet, and shortly after that I went gluten-free.

I found myself spending entire days at my desk doing research when I was supposed to be focusing on school work – I was so fascinated by this whole new world that was opening up to me!

After a lot of trial and error and countless hours (and dollars) spent on researching, trying out new products, and testing new ways of eating, I’m finally on the road to hormonal balance and have a much better understanding of this whole thing termed “health & wellness”.

Eventually I needed an outlet for my passion, which led to the creation of @HealthySprout where I began to share some of my food creations. I fell in love with the health and wellness community on Instagram and instead of just sharing my food, I began sharing more of my life, wellness, mindset & conscious living tip tips and even some woo-woo vibes.

I started to have trouble fitting what I wanted to say into the Instagram caption limit and realized it was time to start a blog!

I’m so excited to have this little corner of the internet to share my journey with you. I hope you are able to take little nuggets here and there that resonate with you and inspire you. I’m really happy you are here & thank you for tagging along for the ride! I can’t wait to connect!

On the blog you will find healthy meals, snacks, and treats with a whole foods, plant based focus. You will also find all things health & wellness related and even a sprinkle of woo-woo vibes✨. My goal is to share my journey in an authentic way with the hopes that you will find some helpful recipes and information that you can apply to your own health & wellness journey.

I absolutely love connecting with all of you! Be sure to follow me on Instagram so we can connect over there – don’t hesitate to reach out!

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